July 5, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Luci Wright
07513 197 552

Tara Heart Meditation

Gathering in circle to enter into meditation, finding peace within.
Relax your mind, calm your body and bring greater clarity. Receive insights!

I provide a nurturing Spirit Journey to relax our minds and body, to replenish our energy.

I hold group sessions that open up the space for self-reflection.

I use reflective questioning techniques to assist clients in seeing their lives with greater clarity.

Different participants have recounted relaxing, emotionally insightful or deeply empowering experiences . Each person will have an appropriate experience to their circumstance.

I am merely an advocate of possibilities which can open up to us when we are able to be fully present.

I am also available for individual Life Consultancy Sessions.

I have worked as a Teacher for over twenty years, attended a variety of Inspirational Courses, and am ready to share the depth of these for the well being and empowerment of others!

Tara Heart meditation is a very centered and compassionate place to begin a life long journey of Well Being!

Cost of the session is £8 on the first taster session and £10 per session  thereafter.

To book please contact Luci Wright on 07513 197 552.


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