There are many different forms of Healing please see the following selection of our healing techniques

Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is the absolute joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of Light to bring one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, human consciousness and the planet. It is a safe and natural way of treating many conditions. The healing energy deals with the root cause of the problem rather than the effect or symptom. Whether that is at the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. It can be used alongside orthodox medicine and other complementary or holistic therapies. It is suitable for everyone including, pregnant women, babies and children.



This work can be carried out in person or remotely. Attachments are most often either of a spiritual nature or a residual energy/emotion that you are carrying and holding onto. An attachment comes in many guises and can affect individuals in many different ways, mostly negatively. For example, you may be feeling:

Unusually tired and depleted of energy ♦ Suffering mood swings with impulsive behaviour ♦ Unexplained bursts of anger, sadness or depression ♦ Hearing voices ♦ A feeling that ‘this isn’t me and you’re just not yourself’ ♦ Poor memory, concentration and confusion ♦ A sudden onset of anxiety or depression ♦ A sudden onset of physical problems or pain with no obvious cause ♦ Unexplained fears, phobias and panic attacks ♦ Disturbing nightmares ♦ You are just not feeling yourself, without explanation.

Two Rivers Healing   (Jonno Webster & Louise Hedges)

Distant Healing 

Absent or Distance healing is the act of sending healing to a person without the need to be physically near them. The Practitioner(s) blend with their spirit guides and connect with the recipient in the physical world. Once the connection has been established between the Practitioner(s) and the recipient, the connection is never lost and the healing can be continuous

Two Rivers Healing   (Jonno Webster & Louise Hedges)

Energy Healing   

The Practitioner will notice subtle changes of energy within the etheric body and any blockages that there may be.  Blockages and disruptive flows of energy will often manifest into physical ailments, this gentle non-invasive healing session will locate the problem area and the Practitioner will work to bring back harmony within the body.  Each session is very unique and individual to the recipient.  There may be occasions when more than one session is required.

Jonno Webster

Psychic Surgery   

This very powerful form of healing is a non-invasive healing practice.  The patient lays on the treatment couch, the Practitioner will gently place their hands on the head or shoulders.  The Practitioner’s healing guides will then step into his/her energy and work through him/her on a very deep level.  The healing takes place on the etheric body.  Although no pain is involved, many patients will feel physical sensations.  Psychic surgery is a very powerful and incredibly effective healing process with some remarkable results. Each session is very unique and individual to the recipient.  There may be occasions when more than one session is required.

Jonno Webster              Peter Steedman

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful hands on healing technique which literally translates as universal life force energy.  It is one of the purest and simplest forms of ancient healing used today.  It is a natural method of healing that re-balances and restores the natural flow of life energy throughout the body bringing relaxation to emotions and helping the body to heal itself.  Each session is very unique and individual to the recipient.  There may be occasions when more than one session is required.


Shamanic Drum Healing 

The Practitioner works with his Shamanic guide in an altered state of awareness using a Drum in a rhythmic beat to change the vibrational state of a person’s energy.  Music and other sound techniques have been used in ritual and spiritual healing for thousands of years. Shamanic Indian teachings say that each individual chakra (energy centres within the body) has a specific connection to certain acoustic frequencies.  It is believed that it is possible to manipulate the state of consciousness with the use of sound vibration.  During the healing session the Practitioner will strike different parts of the drum so that he can summon particular help for that part of the body through subtle variations in the sound of the drum. Sound is a perfect medium for this, as it can travel through space and permeates barriers. This healing session can be very intense, the patient often feels the vibration permeate throughout their body with many very positive and incredible results. Each session is very unique and individual to the recipient. There may be occasions when more than one session is required.

Jonno Webster

Spiritual Therapy and Guidance Session

Do you ever hear yourself saying “I just don’t feel myself” and can’t explain why?  Are you behaving in a way that just isn’t you?  This healing session is a wonderfully positive experience where Louise will connect with her guides to give some spiritual guidance followed by a relaxing and comforting healing session to release energetic blockages which may be restricting your personal and spiritual growth and preventing you from moving forward with your life in a positive way.

This session lasts for an hour and a half. £55 per session. See dates here.

Louise Hedges

Spiritual Consultation 

Bringing together the disciplines of mediumship and healing the Practitioner offers a spiritual consultation lasting approximately 1.5 hours where they connect with their spirit guides and the recipient’s loved ones in the spirit world, to offer a healing and guidance session.  This session will bring forward and release blockages and negative energy that may have been holding you back and preventing you from achieving your full potential and restricting your spiritual and personal growth. These healing sessions will bring forward a sense of peace and harmony as you connect with loved ones and allow the healing energies to work.

Louise Hedges         Jonno Webster    

Spiritual Energy Healing 

The Practitioner works with their healing guides in a light altered state to bring the healing energy forward and allowing their influence to gently guide them to where healing is most needed in the body.  The Practitioner will work on the physical, spiritual and physical body, combing their energy with their guides to identify and release blockages, which often manifest as physical ailments, and bring a natural balance of energy flow throughout the body restoring harmony.  This healing session is non-invasive hands on healing.  The Practitioner will gently place their hands where he/she is guided.  Each session is very unique and individual to the recipient.  There may be occasions when more than one session is required.

Louise Hedges

Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a fast, effective meditative technique which is powerful and loving. Theta Healing is for the mind, body and spirit helping the client to clear limiting negative beliefs and promote healing. By clearing the old beliefs that do not serve well, the client finds themselves better able to move forward positively. A full consultation is taken giving the client the opportunity to express their health and life concerns – physically, spiritually and emotionally. This is key for the therapist to then use the right methodology for their specific treatment. Resistance testing on the hands/arms is used to confirm and establish, with the body, what needs treating at the time of treatment. Through this discussion the therapist will be looking for the core beliefs that are stored in the subconscious. After determining which beliefs you would like to change, with your permission the practitioner will go into the Theta state whilst holding your hand and witnessing the change. Further treatments often reveal more layers prior to accessing the root cause. Complex pathologies can require more sessions than perhaps others that can be dealt with more swiftly. Confirmation at the end of a treatment is established by further resistance testing.

Helen Grundy       

Trance Healing 

Trance Healing is a very deep connection between the Practitioner and their Spirit guides.  The Practitioner works in an altered state or trance state of consciousness allowing the energy from the Spirit world to come forward and blend with their energy. This blending allows the Spirit world to work on a deep level to heal the whole person.  This healing session is very relaxing and gives the patient a great sense of calm and peace.  Many patients have profound experiences during these sessions and the results are often immediately felt. Each session is very unique and individual to the recipient.  There may be occasions when more than one session is required.

Louise Hedges         Jonno Webster    

Note: Many of these symptoms can also indicate medical problems so always consult your doctor.

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