Spiritual Mentoring is ideal for those who are awakening to their spirituality (in a non-religious way) as well as for those who wish to develop their spirituality more deeply.

It is also perfect for those who get affected by negative people or energies and wish that they didn’t, for those who’ve seen other people who shine with self-belief, self-worth, unconditional love, and confidence and desire just some of that, and for those who are just curious to know more.

The therapist works with their, and your, Higher Self (also known as your Inner Being or I AM Presence) to give you a higher overview of any issue, life situation or current perspective. The session usually includes a visualisation and a channelling of a Higher Team of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Divine Beings.

Appointments are available as a trial session, half-day sessions for 1-1 or a small group, or as monthly mentoring.

These are a few examples of what Spiritual Mentoring offers, or simply as an opportunity to ask any question in a safe, experienced and caring environment:

  • Learn how to heighten your intuition and inner guidance
  • Feel empowered, with your expanding capabilities and in knowing that you are not alone
  • Experience high-vibrational energies that you can connect with anytime
  • Discover how you can become a positive influence for yourself, others and the planet

Claire Devonshire
phone: 07563 710 361
email: contact@clairedevonshire.com
web: www.clairedevonshire.com 

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