November 17, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Equilibrium NHC
23 Leafield Way
Andy Collett
07802 530468

Being Seen Taster Workshop II – Developing More Connection and Impact

Welcome to a space of non-judgment. Here we experience more ease, more impact and more connection with our-self and others.

Being Seen is a simple yet powerful process that helps us to feel more comfortable – whether we’re speaking in front of a group or just wanting to express ourselves in a more confident and authentic way in any situation.

What happens on the day?

It will be a small group – no more than five people.

In simple terms, each person takes a turn at standing in front of the group.

Sometimes there is speaking, sometimes not.

But this description doesn’t really tell the whole story.

When we feel free to ‘Be Who We Really Are’ supported by unconditional positive regard from others, magic can happen.

The workshop is really about love. It’s about loving ourselves more unconditionally. And loving others more. And loving life more.

It’s about shedding the layers we may have built up over many days and years and maybe even lifetimes that have led us to where we are now.

What makes us uncomfortable being open in front of others? Often we think there’s something wrong with us. We’re not good enough. In our minds we don’t compare well or measure up.

That’s the lie we’ve bought into.

So on the day there’s an opportunity to be as open as you wish.

The facilitaor’s role will be to hold the space. To help you to feel safe and secure.

There’s nothing to prepare. Just come as you are.

There’s no dress code – wear whatever you like.

If you have any questions, please get in touch using the ‘Contact’ link at the bottom of the page.

Andy Collett, Creator of Being Seen

Here are some comments from previous participants:


Here’s a helpful blog article written by a previous participant:


Here’s a personal account of how attending Being Seen helped in a very direct way:

“Last Tuesday was the day that I was able to put into practice what I learned at Being Seen. I had the opportunity to present to over 100 Sales Managers, Dealer Principals and manufacturer management at my client’s first Sales Management Summit. I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed the experience and the feedback was really positive!”

– Mike Murphy

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