June 21, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Gathering in circle to enter into meditation, finding peace within. Relax your mind, calm your body and bring greater clarity. Receive insights!

Free Taster session “21st June 7pm Equilibrium Natural Health Centre, Corsham WILTS

6 Week Course to deepen the experience follows……    Embrace your Life!

Luci Wright     07513 197 552

I provide a nurturing Spirit Journey to relax our minds and body, to replenish our energy.

I hold group sessions that open up the space for self-reflection.

I use reflective questioning techniques to assist clients in seeing their lives with greater clarity.

Different participants have recounted relaxing, emotionally insightful or deeply empowering experiences . Each person will have an appropriate experience to their circumstance.

I am merely an advocate of possibilities which can open up to us when we are able to be fully present.

I am also available for individual Life Consultancy Sessions.

I have worked as a Teacher for over twenty years, attended a variety of Inspirational Courses, and am ready to share the depth of these for the well being and empowerment of others!

Tara Heart meditation is a very centered and compassionate place to begin a life long journey of Well Being!


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