If you feel the need for support in being the healthiest you can be, this could be for you. You don’t need to be ill to do this! However, it is a great help for people who are. It’s also a great help for people with any kind of stress, relationship difficulty, a feeling of lack of purpose in life, and a myriad of other things…including people who just want to be the healthiest version of themselves and are pretty good at it already!

Health Creation Mentoring is a 6 month programme designed by GP and Holistic Cancer Care doctor, Dr Rosy Daniel.

In it, you first assess yourself using three Self –Assessment  questionnaires; you don’t have to do them all, just the ones with which you feel comfortable. Use them as a guideline.

Armed with a Health Creation Workbook to help you do this and give you all the information you need, you then work with your mentor, Dr Celia Lansley, herself a practising GP, to address the underlying causes of what is troubling you, not just the symptoms themselves.

Each month for six months you meet or speak with Celia for an hour, re-assessing yourself each month with Celia’s guidance, support, knowledge and understanding.

Below is an example of a ‘Picture of Health’, one of the self-assessments, where each dot represents positive answer to a question… there are 10 questions in each of the fields eg nutrition, emotions, being true to yourself. Some of these areas will be more important to you than others; Celia will work with you in the areas in which you need support.

See your Picture of Health grow over the months as you work through and find answers to what is holding you back. The first three months are, in a sense, about healing, and the second three months are about designing the life you would truly like to live.

Take a step to a lifelong healthier you!

Dr. Celia Lansley MBBS

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