Jonno has been working as a healer for fifteen years and has earned an excellent reputation receiving fantastic feedback from his clients. Jonno holds regular Healing clinics here at Equilibrium where he also teaches Reiki, Trance Healing and Trance Mediumship.

He blends his abilities as a Non-Invasive Psychic Surgeon, Reiki Master, Energy Healer and Trance Medium to bring a unique healing experience for each and every client. Developing his own style of working over the years he often works with a drum channelling his main guide a Shamanic native medicine man. Jonno will often combine many of his healing disciplines in one healing session depending upon the patients requirements.

Working for the good of those in need within a natural, peaceful and holistic environment Jonno works on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels helping to release negativity, spiritual attachments and energy blockages whilst bringing natural healing, a sense of well-being, inner peace and balance, allowing the body to heal.

Jonno is a fully insured practitioner.


Psychic Surgery

Energy Healing

Reiki Master

Shamanic Drum Healing

Trance Healing


“I booked a healing session as I knew it would make me relax and help lift my mood. I did not expect to come away minus the pain in my neck which has been present for the last 28yrs. I am amazed and delighted to say the least. My chiropractor was also quite surprised with the improvement in my neck. I have now booked my next session to see if I can lose the lower back pain too! A big thank you xx” CW

“Jonno Webster is a truly amazing and inspirational Reiki Healer and teacher. I approached Jonno some years ago now for healing when I was going through a stressful time in my life and from the first visit, felt amazing results. I had so much more energy and felt a sense of wellbeing, I felt so much more balanced and positive in my thinking…so much so that I decided to ask Jonno to teach me too! It’s been an incredible journey and am so looking forward to taking my Reiki Master with him this year! I encourage anybody who is interested in either receiving healing or to take their own Reiki Healing journey to contact Jonno.” Xx



Jonno and his partner, Louise Hedges also work together as ‘Two Rivers Healing’, offering a unique healing experience by combining their energies. Each session is a mixture of their healing disciplines providing healing where the client needs it most.

Their healing works on all levels, including the physical, emotional and the spiritual. Healing takes place in a comfortable, relaxed and professional environment.

Attachments ◊ Distant Healing ◊ Spiritual Consultation ◊ Trance Healing


To make an appointment please contact Jonno:

phone: 07958 569592


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