Louise is a Spiritual Psychic Medium, Energy healer, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master.  She connects with her spirit guides and your loved ones in the spirit world to give you a reading directly from Spirit in a gentle and sensitive way.

Her messages bring spiritual guidance to help bring you back into alignment with your self.  It will give clarity and bring answers to the questions you have been asking.

For those who are familiar with the work of spirit, a reading can be a profound and memorable experience bringing a huge sense of comfort and healing. A reading can help guide you in a new direction and offer support and clarity to difficulties you may currently be experiencing.


Louise works with her healing guides in a light altered state, allowing them to gently guide her to where healing is most needed whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional, releasing blockages and restoring balance and harmony throughout the body.  This healing session is non-invasive hands on healing.  Each session is very unique and individual to the recipient.  There may be occasions when more than one session is required.

Please contact Louise for a reading 07786 031221.

Louise can also be found demonstrating her mediumship in local Spiritualist Churches and Centres as well as touring the country in larger venues working alongside her two sisters as “The Spirit Sisters”.


“Thank you so much Louise.  My reading with you brought my family and I huge comfort.  We’re all professionals of a certain age and as a result pretty cynical, but your knowledge was uncanny and bizarre and could not have come from anyone other than my lovely sister. Just to know she was there with me and was well and at peace was beyond by dreams.  You won’t believe how much reassurance this has brought us all.  Thank you so much xxx” . K – Corsham


“Having experienced two spiritual readings with Louise, both were amazingly fantastic.

The details given were so unbelievably true & I was given a specific message regarding my eldest daughter who they thought was in an unhappy relationship. Following the message advice & encouragement from myself my daughter is now in a new relationship & is happier than she has ever been. Thanks to spirit & Louise for looking out for us & our family, I am so grateful.”  T – Corsham


“Louise is one of the most honest gentle genuine people I know who works with love, peace and sincerity whether it be healing of giving a reading for someone I would highly recommend to anyone”.  Nicola M, Wales.



Energy Healer

Psychic Medium

Rahanni Celestial Healing

Reiki Master

Spiritual Therapy Guidance

Spiritual Healer


To make an appointment please contact Louise:

phone:  07786 031221

email: louisehedges67@yahoo.com


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