What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in helping to restore the body’s normal movement following recent injury or in chronic conditions, for pain relief, healing and rehabilitation. Prevention of recurrence is an important part of physiotherapy and self management and advice is included as part of the treatment.

What can be treated?

Physiotherapy can help a wide range of conditions, including, sports Injuries, neck pain/back pain, joint problems, soft tissue injuries, pre and post-operative conditions, work-related problems, longstanding conditions, headaches and posture related problems.

What treatment is provided?

Treatment is tailored to your individual needs and specific goals and every patient will be provided with advice and exercises. It may include, joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, postural advise, electrotherapy, acupuncture, taping and rehabilitation.

How long are appointments?

An initial appointment is 45 minutes and a follow up 30 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on your assessment and individual requirements. This can be discussed and planned with your physiotherapist.

Izzy Tsalikis Chartered Physiotherapist
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