Do you often wonder “Am I on the right pathway”  Do you need some reassurance and guidance to help you?  Do you ever hear yourself saying “I just don’t feel myself” and can’t explain why?


Spirituality and Spiritual growth are an essential part of our general wellbeing. When we are out of alignment with ourselves it can affect us on many levels.  The attention we give to any negative feelings and emotions when we are out of alignment with our spiritual knowing can create a great deal of disease and discomfort within us.  It will bring forward feelings of discontentment and a sense of little or no fulfilment in our lives.  We often look to outside sources for an answer to these feelings of disharmony, when in fact the answers often lay very simply within us. 


When we are out of alignment we may have a sense of discord with those around us who are trying to bring us back into alignment with THEIR way of thinking. The simple answer is to bring yourself back into alignment with YOUR divine self, that self that drives your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  A spiritual guidance session will highlight the areas in your life where you are feeling lack and help give you some confidence and the reassurance you have been seeking, sometimes for many years.  When we are back in alignment with our divine self we begin to feel a great sense of peace and harmony with the world and a far greater sense of purpose.  It is important to understand that this is a simple process that needs only our open mind and connection to self to help begin this wonderful healing process of bringing our spiritual bodies back into alignment with our psychical bodies.

Once this has been achieved wonderful things will begin to happen and you will feel a new sense of happiness and fulfilment that has possibly been missing from you vibrationally for a number of years.  It will help you to have a greater understanding of your place in this earthly life and to focus your attention on the positive, with such momentum that you will only be able to move forward in a much freer and more energetic way.

About the session

Louise will connect with her guides to bring forward their spiritual guidance and answer the questions you have been asking the universe.  The guidance session will be followed by healing to release any energetic blocks, fears, anxieties or long held onto connections with a past life event or person (parent, partner, colleague or friend).  You may have been holding onto these for many years, often without realising.  These blocks may have been restricting your personal and spiritual growth and and by releasing them it will help you move forward with your life in a positive way. This session lasts for an hour and a half.


For more information contact Louise Hedges on email or 07786 031221.

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