Thermography is a medically recognised, non invasive, accurate screening method used for detecting disease at an early stage & to visualise pain in the body. While x- rays, CT scans, ultrasound and MRI scans are all tests of that anatomy that measure structures of your body, thermography is unique in its ability to measure your physiological changes to your metabolic processes.

  • 100% safe
  • No harmful radiation
  • Painless with no contact
  • Medically recognised
  • Full medical report from our dedicated team of Medical Doctors who are also Registered Thermologists


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  • Breast screening
  • One area screening
  • Half body screening either upper or lower
  • Full body screening
  • Dental screening
  • Men and women of all ages
  • Children
  • People who want to avoid radiation
  • People who want to detect early stage disease such as strokes, heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc
  • People who are in pain
  • People with injuries who wish to monitor their rehabilitation
  • People who want to monitor their health over time


Thermography can detect early stage disease in the body from diabetes to heart problems, strokes and cancer. It also detects IBS, diverticulitis as well as immune system dysfunction, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.


Many of our patients book in for a full body scan as a way of detecting early onset of disease to give them an opportunity to turn around their health with lifestyle changes and less invasive procedures. This is very popular with men as well as women. Full body scanning is useful for stroke and heart screening along with any dysfunction in the other vital organs. It shows inflammation in the body which can be a precursor to most chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, arthritis etc. Full body procedures are also popular with athletes and professional sports people, along with patients who have had a serious illness such as cancer and want to monitor their health over time.


 Thermography body screening is very popular with parents who want a safer screening procedure without radiation exposure for their children. The child is scanned in a warm secure environment with our qualified thermograph and parents present. There is no physical contact with the child and older children are often fascinated when shown their scans at the end of the procedure.

7 year old child with suspected left sided hemihypertrophy. Parents suspected neurological problems to right arm. Thermography confirmed atrophy of right upper extremity and possible arteriovenous malformation.


“Following being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer I made significant changes to my diet and lifestyle. Prior to surgery I opted for thermal imaging which gave me such surprising results that I then chose to decline surgery and seek homeopathic advice. Regular 6 week and now 3 month screening has enabled me to continue along this route with the knowledge that I am taking control of this disease and returning to full health. Rosa’s knowledge and advice has been invaluable. I am so thankful for their service, without thermal imaging this option would not have been possible”.   Jo

“Just wanted to say ! Thank you, not only for the professionalism when conducting my procedure, but much more the lovely people you truly are. Rachel I know I was driving you mad but you always listened, reassured and helped put my mind at ease it was probably your manner why I chose Medical Thermal Imaging. Rosa, you touched my heart, your care and genuine interest in me and helping, was way beyond your role, my encounter restored my faith in the human race … Phil again your a good guy and compliment Rosa in your care and willingness to help people, you put yourself out for me when no-one else would. From the bottom of my heart you’ll never know how grateful I am to you all, keep doing what you do”.  Angela x

“Just to say thanks for all the support & kindness you’ve shown me on my last 2 visit’s to you. I’m trying to keep up with all the advice you gave me & now have a weekly organic veg box. I still worry about all the mammograms I’ve had but I’m trying to follow your advice & wise words”.   Katie x

“I decided to have a thermogram just to see how healthy my breasts were. I am a 40 year old woman who likes to look after herself. I eat healthily & keep fit. I am firm believer in prevention being better than cure & what impressed me most about thermal imaging is that it shows breast changes many years before it is possible with mammography. Plus it is much healthier as there is no radiation involved. Being health conscious, since being screened by Rosa I have made many recommended lifestyle changes including diet changes, cosmetics, household cleaning products etc. The screening has given me peace of mind & my breast health is stable & low risk. I would like to thank Rosa & Phil not just for this screening procedure but for all the advice they have given me & my family. We are all healthier & happier for knowing them. They are an inspiration”!  Mrs S Clarke  Liverpool

“A friend told me about Thermal Imaging & breast screening. I have had 2 mammograms & found both procedures very painful. I was also concerned about the levels of radiation with mammography but also felt it was important to see what was happening in that area. I had had a few problems with my left breast over the years & found out that thermograms can pick up very early stages of breast disease so I decided to go for the thermal imaging scan”.

“The first medical report showed fibrocystic activity in the left breast. Rosa advised some health changes & various supplements & homeopathic remedies & at the 3 month recall scan the medical report confirmed that both breasts were stable & low risk. I have continued with Rosas recommendations & I have just had my first annual follow up scan. Since making changes my digestive problems, carpels tunnel & breast symptoms have all disappeared. I will continue having annual thermograms & recommend the procedure to any woman at any age”.

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